Major Events in Ogimi Village


Ogimi Village Industry Festival

The Ogimi Village Industry Festival features exhibits and sales booths of the special products that are the pride of Ogimi and a contest for the best use of Shikuwasa. There are also a variety of attractions, such as mountain climbing tours led by Ogimi Tourism Association guides, and many families visit this flourishing festival.


Oshikawa Shikuwasa Flower Festival

Centered around the Oshikawa Community Center, the local residents open their stores to welcome visitors. There are workshops for making chopsticks with wood from Shikuwasa trees and the ever-popular boar stew. Visitors can enjoy being immersed in the forest and the aroma of flowers as they walk through this mountain village.


Shioya Bay Trim Marathon

Young and old, men and women gather at the picturesque Shioya Bay for this race. This race lets people experience that it’s “fun to run” and motivates them to engage in regular healthy, physical fitness activities that can be done easily “anywhere, anytime, by anyone.” Surrounded by warm roadside cheering, everyone, from children to the elderly, can enjoy this event,

Igimi Tiguma Exhibit

The works of village artisans, including Japanese fiber banana cloth, pottery, lacquerware, woodworking, etc., are exhibited and sold in one place. “Igimi” is another name for “Ogimi.” “Tiguma” means skilled fingers, so the “Igimi Tiguma” was named for the “wholehearted handmade craft” of the artisans. During the exhibit, the irises in Kijyoka Denen are in bloom.


Ogimi Village Summer Festival

This festival is held during the second weekend of August and features unique programs such as dances by nursery school children, performances by senior groups and women’s associations, tug-of-war contests with goats as a prize. The festival climax is the eisa dance and fireworks show by the Ogimi Village Youth League, where everyone gathers to celebrate for this highlight event.

August - October

Abundant Year Dance and Sea Gods Festival

In these traditional events, prayers are offered to ancestors and gods for an abundant harvest and health. They are held once every two years, and each area performs their own traditional performance arts. The villagers look forward to these events and are surprisingly versatile entertainers.