Greeting of Village mayor

We would like to inform you that we have our website renewed. Welcome to the homepage of Ogimi Village . Keywords of Ogimi Village are " Village of longevity " that has the driving force of feeling of never retire and Yuima-ru (mutual aid), "Village of Bashofu" that is the traditional craft of a world class, "Village of Bunagaya" that is a wood nymph is carrying peace and love nature and "Village of shikuwasa" that has green jewels of high nutritious and good for your health and beauty.

Our vision of the future is "Village of culture that health longevity is lively." We are creating our village with a good addition, a vitality and a goal of ”future with full of hopes and dreams." We keep trying to make an effort to develop our village with your continuous support that each one of citizen can become the leading role. Please enjoy our new website that provides information of Ogimi Village to you and we are looking forward to meeting you .

November 1, 2014 Ogimi village mayor Miyagi Norimitsu